Wednesday, 3 April 2013

In Australia (in not sure if it is worldwide), but it is 'Wear Green for Premmies' Day. As both of my sons were born early, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce my little family to you.

This is my family wearing green (well minus the hubby, as he was the one behind the camera!). Ethan (2) and Ashton (1) were both born prematurely at 33 weeks and 31 weeks. I am proud (and grateful) to say that both are healthy and happy boys with no long term affects of their prematurity.

This however does not dismiss that both births and deliveries were such a scary time for my husband and I. Ethan struggled to breathe and for the first 10 minutes of his life, was rescusitated numerous of times and was then put on oxygen for the first 24 hours. Words cant describe the fear and inconsolable feelings that inhibited us from the moment my waters broke with both boys. From not being able to hold my baby as soon as he was born to the overwhelming jealousy that consumed me as I watched other mothers taking their babies home when they were discharged.

I have been struggling with feelings of guilt and helplessness for the last (almost) three years around the births of our boys.

Im sure if you have experienced this yourself, or know someone who has, you can empathise with this. I have a lot to be grateful for and tell my boys they are 'Mummys Miracles' everyday. There are many families out there who are much less fortunate. If there are any mums (or grandparents, aunts,friends) who have experienced a premature birth in the family and want to share their story, I'd love to hear from you! Comment below and I may post your story on the blog :)

On a lighter note, today was chaotic. The early morning work and pre-school drop off, to finding our laundry slowly flooding from a leaking hot water system (thank heavens for my dad, who saved the day!) and then picking up my sick hubby from work early. I managed to spend some time with Jacinta (who is obsessed with letters and numbers at the moment!) and got a little of my own work done. The perks of working from home, eh?

For more information on 'Wear Green For Prems' or to purchase specialised premmie merchandise, go to the Lil Aussie Prems Website:

Much love,

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